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The Archipelago Series


The Archipelago Series tells the story of Rob Engleman and his travels around the Planet Archipelago. It is a hostile, alien world full of danger, treasure and history. As Rob attempts to learn of the world he knows, he discovers the lost history of his own people as well as the indigenous races of Archipelago. He discovers ancient technology which may hold the key to the prophesied coming of Ayday. However, he must survive the creatures that inhabit the seas and islands of this lost planet as well as the insidious ambitions of the Falcon Empire, which seeks to conquer all of Archipelago in the name of humanity.  

Join Rob and his friends as they try to navigate the seas and their own desires for freedom and knowledge. Discover the Planet Archipelago and the wonders it holds. 

Books One through Three of this five book series are now available in paperback and Kindle editions. 

The Voyage of the Entdecker


Rob Engleman has spent all of his seventeen years on a small island, safe from the dangers of the alien world around him. Yet he is not content to live the simple life of an island farmer. When a mysterious boat is found drifting near his island, Rob will take the opportunity it presents him to leave his home and venture into the menacing unknown. Accompanied by his older brother and his friends, Rob’s journey to discover the world beyond his island will lead him to discover hidden treasures of the past and the true value of love and friendship. But there are more dangers than just those in the sea. An ambitious empire, bent on domination, threatens the freedom of his island. Rob must decide whether to follow his dream of traveling the world or go to war to defend his home.

The Hellhound Consortium


The Falcon Empire still controls Alimia, so the Engleman boys must continue fighting to free it and themselves of this menace. As new allies join the resistance, new distractions appear to test loyalty and love. New challenges present themselves as the stakes are raised ever higher. What sacrifices must be made to ensure freedom and, ultimately, peace? 
Can Rob resist the urge to leave the fighting to pursue his exploration of the world? With Doctor Morris at his side to guide him, he stands to learn so much.
Can Mark keep the fight going long enough to wear out the mighty Falcon Empire? As the ranks of his fighting force grow, so do the complications of command. He must be willing to send those he cares for into dangers known and unknown.
Can any of them long survive the dangers of the Planet Archipelago?

POA Cover 1.jpg
The Perils of Archipelago


The Hellhound Consortium looks to keep the tide of war in their favor, but the Falcon Empire is digging in for the long haul. 

While Rob seeks support for his leadership of the consortium, talk of making peace with the empire sews strife among his followers. 

The dangers of Planet Archipelago seem to conspire against them, threatening to destroy their fragile alliances. 

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The Children of Archipelago

The stakes have never been higher for Rob Engleman and the people of Engle Island. The full power of the Falcon Empire is brought down on them in this emotional and action packed follow up to the first three books of the series. 

Follow Rob's continuing journey across the perilous planet of Archipelago as he discovers new friends and faces old enemies in his quest to understand this mysterious world of islands and seas. 

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