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I grew up hiking and running through the Rockies in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. I love teaching, playing traditional table-top strategy and RPG games, European Medieval history, beekeeping, ultra running, and eating delicious food. When I'm not doing one of these I'm writing science fiction. 

I am a graduate of Utah State University and a self-described sesquipedalian ludditish renaissance man. 
I live in Ogden, Utah with my amazing wife and kids, dogs, a cat and my vivid imagination. It's that imagination that keeps me sane in all of this.

Somewhere around 1991, I began playing role-play games with my dad. These games became such a part of my life that I began chronicling them in story form. I still have one that my 5th grade teacher bound and laminated. I count this as the start of my writing career, for since then, I have never really stopped writing. The Archipelago Series is one of many stories to come. 

About Planet Archipelago

The Planet Archipelago is not just the setting of my series, but also the setting of a tabletop role-play game created by my father, Steve Simmons. He began its development in the early 2000's and I was one of his beta-testers. This is where the inspiration for the Archipelago Series began. 

My father continues to develop Planet Archipelago and has begun to market it as well. For those of you interested in having your own adventures among the islands and seas of Archipelago, visit the game website: 

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