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The stakes have never been higher for Rob Engleman and the people of Engle Island. The full power of the Falcon Empire is brought down on them in this emotional and action packed follow up to the first three books of the series. 

Follow Rob's continuing journey across the perilous planet of Archipelago as he discovers new friends and faces old enemies in his quest to understand this mysterious world of islands and seas. 

Paperback and Kindle editions available now!

You're gonna need a bigger boat._edited.

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Praise for The Voyage of the Entdecker

"I really liked the story line, it is a captivating plot and a well written book. It is very adventurous and the characters are clever and funny. There is a lot of action and I can not wait for the sequel!"

KLC, Amazon Reviewer


"An exciting seafaring adventure...  The conflict feels real and believable. The sea voyages are what generate a lot of the interest for me. I played Sid Meyer's Pirates! for way too many hours of my youth. This book takes me back there. Adventure is out there. The story takes you to many interesting places hinting at ghosts of tech civilizations and fantastic beasts." 

Tanner, Goodreads Reviewer

"With strong and unique characters that are endowed with individual strengths and weaknesses that compliment the underlying themes of friendship and cooperation, the author relates to every type of reader by encouraging a personal connection to each protagonist and makes a lasting impression through the trials and tribulations they all share."

JB Richards, Author & Historian

Praise for The Hellhound Consortium

"I really enjoyed reading this book. In every chapter there was something exciting and new. Every time I finished a chapter I would want to keep reading. This book had me hooked throughout the whole story and I can't wait for the next book."



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